Ceremony honoring the Student Union of the College of Oral and Dental Medicine



 Today, Sunday, 3/10/2024, in the seminary hall of the college at twelve noon, the College of Oral and Dental Medicine organized a ceremony honoring the Student Union team in the presence of Prof. Dr. Enas Al-Jundi, Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hussein, Head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Dr. Nourhan Ragheb, Head of the Installations Department, Dr. Hisham Obada, Director of the Quality Assurance Unit, and Dr. Bahia Saad, Youth Welfare Officer at the college, as a culmination of the efforts of its members in accomplishing their duties during their participation in organizing the quality and accreditation visit to the college.

The Dean of the College presented certificates of appreciation to the members of the Student Union team for their honorable representation of the College during the quality visit.