Vision & Mission & Objectives



The department looks forward to upgrading the educational process through a futuristic vision, which is teaching advanced and modern courses that impose themselves on the student of the College of Dentistry and are important topics that coincide with the rapid development in the dental profession by including the hadith and the newer in the courses and their teaching methods with the aim of graduating a distinguished dentist who is competent and professional High


The department performs an important educational message, which is the cornerstone in the field of oral and dental medicine, which must be familiar with the college students, as it distinguishes them from other students of other colleges with their knowledge and knowledge of oral medicine, gum disease, diagnostic methods and radiology through studying various educational courses


- Taking care of teaching students at the university level and training them, and the students pen is familiar with the technical methods of filming cinematic films and means of identifying them, and training them to extrapolate these films to develop their ability on various radiological phenomena to perform instructions and normal or ordinary photography using all modern means..

 - Patient service according to the goals of the university by identifying and photographing the distinctive signs of diseases ...

 Participation in scientific and clinical scientific research to serve the oceans