The President attends the Flag Saluting Ceremony and offers Congratulations on the Beginning of the New Academic Year


Today, Sunday, 2/10/2022, Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky, President of the University, witnesses, in the presence of the Advisor of  the Minister of Higher Education for Student Activities; Prof. Dr. Taya Abdel Latif; Vice President for Education and Students Affairs; Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Aal and the Deans of Faculties; Prof. Dr. Rushdy El-Adawy, Professor of Agricultural Economics and General Coordinator of Student Activities at the University, and Dr. Ali Sabry Secretary General of the university, staff members, the assistant staff and a group of university students, the flag salute ceremony, with the participation of the family of Students for Egypt and the Students Union.

In his speech, the President welcomes the senior and junior students, congratulating the beginning of the new academic year, calling on the students to work to contribute to building the nation.

The President confirms the regularity of the study in the universitys faculties from the first day of the new academic year 2022/2023, pointing out that the faculties receive their students to introduce them to the various activities, and hold meetings with new students to explain the system of study in the faculties.

The president calls on the deans of the faculties to meet with the students to identify their problems and find immediate solutions to them, explaining that the university pays great attention to the students' artistic, sports and cultural activities.

During the first and second academic day, a family of Students for Egypt presents forms of acquaintance to students in various faculties of the university and distributes the necessary instructions to introduce them to the familys cultural, sports, social and artistic activities, trips, camps and scouting, as well as introducing its services to students and graduates in various faculties of the university.


The Student Union also raises awareness for students about the importance of student families and the activities they provide within the university, in addition to providing awareness of the importance of precautionary measures.