Deans’ Council:Rationalizing spending and maximizing the use of available capabilities and community participation, especially the two initiatives for a dignified life and the development of the Egypt

 Today, Tuesday, 10/5/2022, the Deans Council, headed by Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Dosouky, President of the University, holds its monthly session in the council hall to discuss a number of topics related to the educational and research process, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hasan Younis, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research; Prof. Dr. Reda Saleh, Vice President University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs; Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abd El-Aal, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs, Deans of Faculties and Dr. Ali Sabry, Secretary General of the University.

The Council begins with reviewing the distinguished appearance of the university recently in the international rankings, which is a result of the university's endeavors to be in advanced positions in international rankings at all levels. Kafrelsheikh University has been included in the Spanish Simago ranking for the year 2022, which is concerned with arranging universities and research centers according to major indicators.

The university is also listed among the best universities in the world in achieving the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals "SDGs" in the "British Times Ranking of Sustainable Development 2022".

The President stresses the follow-up of the regularity and progress of the educational process in the university’s faculties and institutes, stressing the need to complete all necessary preparations for conducting the end year examinations in accordance with the time map approved by the Supreme Council of Universities, with the need to provide all requirements and what is needed to ensure the conduct and regularity of exams with calm and discipline, and the continuation of the application precautionary measures.

He also stresses the rationalization of spending and maximizing the utilization of the available capabilities, confirming community participation, especially the Dignified Life Initiative and the Egyptian Family Development Initiative.

The President confirms the follow-up of the faculties’ efforts to prepare for academic accreditation in terms of quality assurance and accreditation, the follow-up of the faculties’ efforts to update the faculties’ websites and the university’s website on the Internet, the implementation of student activities aimed at educating students and preparing them for the labor market, stressing that all necessary measures are taken to preserve university facilities and maximize its use.