Students for Egypt Family at Kafrelsheikh University Participates in a Workshop within the First Forum Initiative

Today Sunday, 7/11/2021, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky, President of the University, Students for Egypt family at the university, headed by Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Darrag, coordinator of Students for Egypt family, participates in a workshop for student delegations participating from all Egyptian universities organized by the Students for Egypt initiative, within the initiative’s first forum entitled “together we work and learn”, hosted by Cairo University.

Dr. Ahmed Darrag, coordinator of the Students for Egypt family at Kafrelsheikh University, says that the participating delegations will visit the October 6 war panorama and celebration at the Balloon Theater of the Ministry of Culture.

He adds that the Students for Egypt Forum aims to open up the Students’ minds and exchange visions among them, learn about different cultures, acquire new skills, open paths for students and overcome obstacles for a better future for them and for Egypt.

As well, Darrag explains that an initiative for Egypt is a student family that seeks to form a strong and developed student community that contributes to achieving sustainable development 2030 and aims to achieve its vision to prepare and train students to advance the country and emphasize its great position among the countries of the world.


The coordinator of the Students for Egypt family at Kafrelsheikh University continues that the family provides the latest experimental means for university students in various development fields, and raises the level of awareness among students to push them towards an effective contribution to the sustainable development plan, and logistically support students of final years and alumni to break into the field of entrepreneurship and make their practical experiences successful as well as achieve communication among the youth of Egyptian universities and various universities around the world to exchange experiences and develop skills.