The Delegation of the Supreme Council of Universities Visits Kafrelsheikh University to Discuss the Possibility of Starting the Study at Faculty of Law



 Today Thursday 18/3/2021, the President Prof Dr Abdelrazek  Youssef Desouky receives the delegation of the Legal Studies Sector Committee at the Supreme Council of Universities to find out the availability of material and human possibilities and discuss the possibility of starting the study at the Faculty of Law.

The delegation includes Prof Dr Essam Zanati, Professor of International Law and the Former Vice President of Assiut University and a member of the Sector Committee; Prof Dr Mustafa Kamel Khalil, the dean of Faculty of Law at Damietta University and a member of the Legal Studies Committee, in the presence of Prof Dr Hasan Youness, the Vice President for post-graduation studies and research; Prof Dr Reda Salih, the vice president for community service and environment development and Prof Dr Mohammad Abed El-All, the vice president for education and students affairs.

As well, the delegation surveys the building of the Faculty of Law to inspect the classrooms and facilities, which will receive students and staff members. The committee also inspects the departments and facilities of the faculty to ensure the availability of material capabilities and human cadres.


The President Prof Dr.Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky thanks the delegation of the Legal Studies Sector Committee at the Supreme Council of Universities, noting that the university administration seeks to qualify and train its students for the future to be ready to keep pace with the rapid changes in the labor market and its renewed requirements and to prepare them for future jobs and community service.


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