Arts Center Wins the First Place in the Theater and the Fifth Place in the Choir in Arts Centers Closing Festival of Universities


Arts center of the university has achieved the first place at the level of Egyptian Universities in the field of theatre and expressive arts and the university also wins the fifth place in the field of choir at the level of Universities in the competitions of arts centers closing festival of university organized by Ministry of Youth and Sports represented by the Central Administration for Cultural and Voluntary Programs for the third season which took place with the participation of 1500 participants from 16 Egyptian universities, under the supervision of the General Administration of Youth Welfare at the university.

The President Prof Dr Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky mentions that arts center aims to develop students skills in the fields of plastic arts, theater, music and choir and also provides artistic workshops for students to spread the spirit of teamwork.

As well, he confirms the importance of arts and student activities in developing the personality of the student, nothing that different artistic fields play a role in building the creative spirit.


Dr Desouky says that the university seeks to motivate its students to participate in various activities outside the academic classrooms in order to diversify their interests, strengthen their skills and enhance their entrepreneurial spirit, based on the university administration's belief in the importance of the experiences that students gain from practicing their activities outside the classrooms.