The Vice Dean for Community Service Affairs



            Prof. Abeer Abdel-Wahab Mohamed Al-Hitiri 


Dear Colleagues

My sons and daughters are college students


Civil society is the forum for college graduates from different disciplines and is able to gain scientific experience and refine the professional skills needed for recent graduates.

Therefore, the Faculty of Dentistry at KafrelSheikh University aims, through community service and environmental development affairs, for the academic community in the college to communicate with the civil society to identify its needs and requirements by spreading cultural awareness in the field of oral and dental medicine and providing good and appropriate scientific services to the needs of the community in KafrelSheikh Governorate and the governorates Neighboring .

We also aim to organize scientific conferences, seminars, and scientific and clinical training courses for graduates in various disciplines with the aim of gaining experience, developing professional skill, and informing the graduate of everything modern in the field of dentistry.

We pledge to God that we will make efforts to advance the College of Dentistry - KafrelSheikh University, to which it is proud to belong.


           Prof. Abeer Abdel-Wahab Mohamed Al-Hitiri