The Events of the Fourth Day of the Educational Program to Raise Awareness of University Students at Faculty of Nursing


Today Wednesday 9/12/2020, under the patronage of the President Prof Dr Abed El-Raziq Desouky and Prof Dr Mohammad Abed El-All, the vice president for education and students affairs, el jeel el Muasis family, in cooperation with the general administration of Youth Welfare, organizes the events of the fourth day of the educational program to raise awareness of the university students of the challenges that the Egyptian state faces at Faculty of Nursing in the presence of Prof Dr Hasan Youness, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research; Prof Dr Maha Abu Jazia, the dean of Faculty of Nursing; Dr Rushdy El Adawy, the assistant professor of Agricultural Economy, the pioneer of el jeel el Muasis family and the general coordinator of student activities at the university, number of staff members and students.

The events of the fourth day of the educational program includes a symposium entitled Youth and the State "Facts and Figures" given by Dr Rushdy El-Adawy, the assistant professor of Agricultural Economy at Faculty of Agriculture, Dr Hosny El-Najjar, also speaks about the strategies of enhancing the intellectual security of youth.

As well, the president mentions that these symposiums are held within the framework of the implementation of the student activities plan and the universitys national role to introduce students and promote a culture of awareness of the nations issues. It also aims to instill the values of patriotism and belonging among students, confirm the Egyptian national identity and correct misconceptions.

The President Prof Dr Abed El-Raziq Desouki stresses the need for belonging to the homeland and the university to create an honorable future for themselves, their society and their homeland, explaining that they are doing our best for the students to be distinguished scientifically, culturally, intellectually and athletically and as a title for the student of Kafrelsheikh University who is characterized by high manners, is armed with science and technology and is keen on building the homeland with work, warning of conspiracies and the fourth and fifth generation wars, and the need to confront them by spreading culture and national awareness.

Otherwise, the president also advices male and female students to stay away from social media sites that spread sedition and promote malicious and destructive rumors, calling on male and female students to communicate with university officials directly to clarify the facts.


 He stresses the universitys role in educating students about the seriousness of false news and rumors by hosting national figures and symbols in various seminars according to the plan of the cultural season in the faculties while following the precautionary and preventive measures.