conservative dentistry



The Department of conservative dentistry is a clinical department that specializes in dentistry concerned with the description, production and interpretation of diagnostic images in order to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders in the oral, facial and maxillary part.



Pledging to qualify distinguished professional competencies in diagnosing oral radiology and to contribute effectively to scientific research and community service.


- Paying attention to the education of students at the university level and training them so that the student is familiar with the technical methods of photographing different x-ray films and the means of developing them, and training them to extrapolate these films to develop their ability to learn about the different radiological phenomena of oral diseases for their diagnosis, whether using regular or advanced imaging and using all modern methods ..

 - Patient service according to the university’s goals by identifying and photographing the distinctive features of diseases using both regular and advanced imaging and for effective participation in diagnosing all diseases to treat them.

 Participate in educational and clinical scientific research to serve society and develop the environment

The faculty members of the department

Dr. Enas Ahmed Elgendy

Dr. Dalia Mohammed Rasheed Mohammed Fathy Issa

Dr. Walid Aly Hamed Abdelrahman Elamrousy


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