Through his face, the university’s deans ’council directed the completion of electronic colleges’ websites in both Arabic and English. The university’s president encourages discipline and calm for st


Prof. Abdelrazek  Youssef Desouky, President of the University, during his presidency of the University’s Deans ’Council confirmed today, Tuesday, 1-14-20 A.D. The President of the Republic is developing the education and examinations system in Egypt and raising the level of graduates of Egyptian universities to keep pace with the graduates of international universities.

The President of the University reviewed during the meeting of the Deans Council a plan for securing exams and control work, where emphasis was placed on the application of standards, regulations and instructions for controllers and that the correction be done first so that colleges can announce the results of exams in a timely manner without delay and the need for college deans to be present and not be absent during exams.

He directed active participation in preparing the new strategic plan for the university, reviewing the websites of electronic colleges and completing them in both Arabic and English and determining the position of all colleges of the university in terms of the date of application for obtaining academic accreditation by enhancing the academic reputation of the university as a step towards excellence globally by building relationships with distinct research and educational institutions and competition in education And scientific research to improve the university classification, and assigned the president of the university to facilitate the procedures for registering foreign students for postgraduate studies in accordance with the established rules.

Dr. pointed out. Desouki to emphasize the university's social responsibility and effective contribution in all areas of community service and environmental development by providing consultations, feasibility studies and participation in medical, veterinary, agricultural and awareness caravans in coordination with Professor Dr. Vice President of the University for community service and environmental development

 He also stressed the encouragement of scientific research and progress to obtain research projects from domestic and international supporters and the involvement of the first undergraduate students in research projects to acquire scientific research skills and interest in colleges' libraries and provide them with books and references necessary to reach a true quality level of university education and the development of the intellectual and cultural structure of the student.