Quality goals

Quality objectives

 1.Preparing the college for accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation

2. Ensure that curricula and courses are compatible with national academic standards and the distinctive feature of the college and meet the needs of beneficiaries.

3. Supporting the educational process by creating a distinctive program that serves the distinctive feature of the college

4. Develop a research plan for the college to serve the colleges vision and mission.

5. Improving the colleges educational and technological environment and the infrastructure of laboratories and classrooms

6. Developing and cultivating the colleges human cadres

7. Directing scientific research to enter the framework of the colleges research plan

8. Encouraging enrollment in postgraduate studies for graduates of the college and other colleges and expatriates

9. Spreading environmental and cultural awareness of community issues

10. Striving to provide sources of support and self-financing for the college

11. Disseminating the principles of professional etiquette and ethics

12. Establishing a committee to review regulations, rules, and work procedures and distribution to ensure justice and equality

13. Supporting integration between the college and beneficiary community parties to activate the colleges role in community service.