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 As a result of global and local changes and intense competition witnessed by the international and local community, and in the context of a permanent endeavor by officials to develop and improve education, the need has become urgent to establish a quality and accreditation system that aims to ensure the quality of graduates and various elements of the university education system and aims to evaluate the college’s performance system, which is implemented according to The standards of the National Quality Assurance Authority to:

Spreading the idea of ??quality in the college community

 Upgrading the performance level to promote the college mission effectively and efficiently

 Create a mechanism for continuous improvement in the educational process

 Raising the level of quality of educational program outputs and society's reassurance that the educational programs in the college are in line with national and international standards, and accordingly, it is clear that the evaluation and development of performance includes continuous operations to examine educational, administrative and research obstacles and correct their path and thus

Performance evaluation is a mechanism for developing and improving the level of service efficiency to ensure quality in preparing for the progress of national and international accreditation

The accreditation process aims to gain community confidence in the efficiency of performance and ensure the quality of educational programs for higher education institutions, universities ’access to government budgets, and facilitate students’ transition between different educational programs at the regional and international level, as well as gain the confidence of graduate employers

Dr.Hisham Mahmoud Hamdy Abada Mousa

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