The Department of (Biological Materials) is concerned with teaching and scientific research in the field of materials used in dentistry


Provide a qualified graduate who is able to handle well the materials used in treating dental diseases.


Definition of the physical, mechanical and biological properties of materials used in dentistry, and their applications in the practical field, as well as the microscopic structure of materials.

 Definition of the microscopic content and composition of materials used in dentistry for clinics and laboratories

 And learn about the principles of biological compatibility.

 - Correct use of the materials used in dentistry and the ability to choose materials suitable for different situations.

staff members

Dr. Abeer Abdel-Wahab Mohamed Al-Hitiri - Teacher of properties of materials used in dentistry

Dr. Asmaa Mohamed Abdel-Rahman - Instructor of Material Properties

Dr. Dina Abdullah Sarhan - Teaching Assistant, Material Properties

Dr. Nayrouz Bahaa El-Din Suleiman - Teaching Assistant, Materials

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