The Vice Dean For Education And Students' Affairs


 My dear sons and daughters, students of the Faculty of Dentistry at KafrelSheikh University every year, and you are fine It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and offer you my most sincere greetings and congratulations on the occasion of the new school year. It also gives me great pleasure to welcome my fellow faculty members as well as the college staff.

I have been honored to assume the position of Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, which I take as a good opportunity to interact with you more closely by supporting your various student activities that highlight your favorite talents and hobbies as well as to enhance the role of the educational process and constructive contribution to competitiveness in the field of work and face the challenges of the times and the future. I promise you to do my best For your sake, continuous communication with you, and creating the appropriate climate for your superiority, in order to raise the intellectual and scientific level, taking into consideration that the college is keen to move forward to provide distinguished programs in accordance with the criteria of accreditation and ensure Quality in order to advance the college and our prestigious university between local and international universities

I also extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the university leaders for their continuous support to the college, in the forefront of which is Prof. Dr. / Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky, President of the University for the establishment and development of this unique scientific edifice, as well as I thank the Professor Dr. / Mohamed Mohamed Hussein, Dean of the College for his constructive effort and enduring difficulties and consequences and overcome it Obstacles to workflow.

May God bless you and protect the country and guide your steps on the path to success and supremacy

The Vice Dean For Education And Students' Affairs

                  Prof. Omnia Mohamed Wahba