the dean




My sons and daughters are students of the College of Oral and Dental Medicine.

With the radiance of the new university year, as you take your first steps inside the College of Dentistry and put your feet inside this ancient campus that represents the nerve of medicine, healing and development in the fields of dentistry.

I would like to clarify for you that the scientific study taught to you during the academic year by the distinguished faculty professors and their assistants in the faculty of dentistry will give all of you the skills and knowledge necessary for what is going on around you in the world of medicine and health at the world level and what the labor market requires with its unique graduate needs, as I hope Attention and participation in the various student activities, sports, cultural, artistic, scientific, roving, public service, camps and trips provided by the College’s Youth Welfare Department to create a spirit of love and brotherhood among students and compatibility with the rest of the college’s supervisory structure.

With best wishes for success and success


Dean of the College

Prof. Enas Ahmed El gendy