Two cooperative agreements between Kafrelsheikh University & Ministry of Education & Ministry of Social Solidarity Directorate

From its crucial and active role of providing services to the local community as  cornerstone for development of the manpower and 
upgrading of the community in different and several aspects of scientific,social,environmental & Health services,and as a continuation
prominent role of Kafrelsheikh university in assisting medical as well as health services for her citizens which provided to many of
the villages and cities of
Kafrelsheikh Governorate,Today Monday 25th September 2017, the University Council on its monthly meeting under
the patronage of H.E. Prof. Dr. Maged Elkemary,university president two cooperative agreements have been approved.The agreements are between
the university and both Directorate of Education; and Social Solidarity Directorate at Kaferlsheikh.The university is “represented by Faculty of
Nursing”. The main goals of these agreements are directed to do necessary physical & health assessment and providing necessary health
and nursing services 1st for students with different age groups at schools as very important part of school health; 2nd providing health
care services as well as do necessary assessment for old age at geriatric home, and for those with special needs and the orphanage.
A free service will provided by the first partner at Kafrelsheikh university -outpatients clinics,where these will be coordinated through
Faculty of Nursing, Hospital Administration& the second partner. The actual process will be commenced during the Academic year 2017/ 2018.