El Kemary Honors Distinguished Staff Members, Administrators and Students in its 11 Anniversary

In recognition of the university Keenness for honoring distinguishing staff members, administrators and students and the support of competition spirit and its direction toward scientific research as well as for more progress for the level of scientific and administrative excellence, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary honors today mourning Saturday 29/4/2017 the distinguished staff members who gained scientific publishing awards and distinguished students in student activities.

He says, during the ceremony, that this honor is the least of what the university can offer to celebrate the distinguished scientifically and administratively in the belief of the importance of development and excellence and in appreciation of staff members and administrators who complete their career sincerely, participate in building and developing the university until it become a great beacon of science, knowledge and creativity and become a part of academic and administrative life history. He also honors the deceased families in fulfillment of their tender and in appreciation of their loyalty. Although these deceased people left the place, but they did not lost their place in our hearts.