Tomorrow the Promise of Joy for the Full Operation of Kafrelsheikh University

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary surveys today Tuesday 28/2/2017 the central kitchen at the university hospital in preparation for the full operation of the hospital starting from tomorrow 1/3/2017.

As well, he follows up all equipment at the central restaurant and stresses that the level of nutrition should be matchless or superior to its counterpart at the distinguished university hospitals and the private investment hospitals.

In a related context, he mentions that the university is ready for the full operation after the completion of the trial run of the three phases including the operation of outpatient clinics in all disciplines, the operation of analyses laboratories and diagnostic radiology as well as endoscopes units and kidney dialysis.

He adds that the hospital has the latest medical devices that will provide distinguished treatment services and also the outstanding human element of doctors and nursing staff and the university hospital will not only provide outstanding medical services, but it will exceed this by scientific research that would develop this medical services and make it creative.