Inspection Tour of Pharmacy Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities for Kafrelsheikh University

On the sidelines of the monthly meeting for pharmacy committee of the supreme council of university held at the Faculty of Pharmacy, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary has done a tour in the accompany of the committee members.

As well, they survey the Faculty of Science and labs of Nanotechnology and Nano photons, the Faculty of Fisheries, fish ponds building, the faculty lab, auditoriums, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the university hospital to benefit from the successful experiences especially the idea of establishing the educational factories at the Faculty of Fisheries.

The committee members praise the wonderful level, possibilities and the educational and research preparations which is considered a role model and a source of pride for Egypt.

 They add that the university hospital is an educational medical edifice established according to the international standards equipped with the medical possibilities.