Kafrelsheikh University Opens the Third Scientific Conference of Pharmacy

Kafrelsheikh University opens on Tuesday 20/9/2016 the third annual pharmacist scientific conference under the auspices of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and Dr Mohie Obaid, the captain of pharmacists in the presence of group of scientists and professors of a scientific contributions in the field of pharmacy as it is a field growing for the sake of community service.

As well, el Kemary points out in his opening speech that the university is racing against time to improve the educational, research and health services as it has set up five medical faculties, student hospital, outpatient clinics of physical therapy and university hospital during the past five years. Today is the beginning of trial operation of the university hospital in preparation for the full operation soon and the university hospital will receive the students of the fourth year for education and clinical training. Thus, the university’s identity changed from mere interest of education to research university that cares for advanced health care whose important pillars are the development of medicines and the facilitation of getting them.