Workshop for Newton-Mosharafa Program

Kafrelsheikh University held a workshop to introduce Newton-Mosharafa Program to offer opportunities for young researchers of university sons in Britain within the framework of the university to enhance the scientific research system in which Michael Mikhail, the scientific official of English Consulate in Egypt.

From his part, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said that Newton-Mosharafa program aims to communicate among the institutions of scientific research and innovation in Egypt and United Kingdom to find common solutions for challenges that Egypt faces in the field of economic development and social care and the fund will get mutual funding from United Kingdom and Egyptian Government with cost of 4 million pounds sterling per year and these activities will be executed by the British Cultural Council, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, Science and Technology Development Fund, Cultural Affairs Sector in United Kingdom and Missions in Egypt.

Prof Dr el Saied Hegazy, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research, stresses that this program aims to support partnerships in the field of science and innovation between the United Kingdom and Egyptians and Britons researchers and participation in bilateral workshops focused on building links for future cooperation and enhance career opportunities for researchers.

Prof Dr Higazy adds that the program offers an opportunity for getting Doctorate for the first time, mutual supervision programs and scientific missions and it also allows research projects in the fields of medicine, agriculture, water and nanotechnology and enables linking the outputs of scientific research to industry.