El Kemary Honors Pensioners of Members of Workers Welfare Association

Prof Dr Maged el Kemary honors on Monday 6/6/2016 the Pensioners of the members of Workers Welfare Association in the presence of Mr Abed Allah Allam, the Secretary-General.

At the beginning of the ceremony, el Kemary congratulates the employees for reaching the legal age for their dedication for the requirements of business career and their appreciation for their constructive efforts during their professional march in the service of university.

As well, the president points out that the most important characteristic of Kafrelsheikh University is the outstanding administrative device as it is a role model for new generations and unique device in its tender, cleanliness of its hand and its fight against corruption and these features are unmatched by any advantages.

El Kemary honors the pensioners by giving them a check as an appreciation to them and Mrs Fawzya Haikal, the previous head of the council secretariat, has donated a check for the university hospital.