El Kemary: we discuss the Establishment of New Three Faculties and Activating Knowledge Bank Initiative

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary assures that they are currently discussing the establishment of new three faculties: the Faculties of Languages, Rights and Health and Applied Sciences for the need of medical sector in the university and province for the graduates of this faculties and to meet the needs of labor market.

As well, the president assures the activation of initiative to support youth and knowledge bank that makes the knowledge available for everyone to start from where the other ended up through research groups in the university.

The president mentions the launching of two initiatives of research groups and scientific council to implement the strategic plan for scientific research and research map that will make these research groups the official and legitimate entity for scientific and research production to achieve the quality of researches and increase the scientific production in terms of quantity and quality and for the importance of teamwork in achieving transparency and a guarantee for the optimization investment for labs and infrastructure.