Esam el Nagar and Mona Mamdouh, the Ideal Students


Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the general management of youth welfare, social activity management, organizes the ideal student competition in the university and the results are as the following:

1)     Male students:

A)   The first place: Essam Abed el Rahman el Nagar, the Faculty of Engineering

B)   The second place: Ahmed Abed el Rahman Hidawy, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

C)   The third place: Ahmed Gamal el Gindy, the Faculty of Pharmacy


2)     Female students:

A)   The first place: Mona Mamdouh Mohamed, the Faculty of Education

B)   The second place: Fatma Reda el Nowashi, the Faculty of Medicine

C)   The third place: Dalia Idris el Abasy, the Faculty of Sportive Education



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