The President Meets with the Students of Student Housing and Confirms: the Application of Quality Standards in Education and Scientific Research

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets with the students of student housing during seminar organized by youth welfare department in general management in student housing entitled “Kafrelsheikh University between past, present and future” to urge students to maintain university facilities and correct misconceptions among students.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary previews the most achievements achieved on the university land over the past four years and that occupies leading and advanced position among the Egyptian, Arab and World Universities and the university aims to apply the international quality standards and the development of innovations.

As well, the president mentions that the university relations with its students is ongoing and variety relationship and it strengthens with time through the variety of educational and student activities and through groups of goals that the university seeks to achieve and the most important is the interest of the quality of educational and research process for the service of community as well as the development of personal, academic and professional skills for students to complies with the needs of labor market.

He also points out that the outstanding education is human investment to preserve the rights of future generations without natural resources, but with human investment such as Singapore, Finland and Sweden whose economy depend on knowledge and the current and future conflict among countries is struggle, siege and cognitive challenge. As well, the university seeks to convert from teaching university that sees the education is just certification to education that aims at the future industry and transition to university research pattern that seeks to enhance its role in the service of community and participate in achieving the sustainable development for the province and surrounding provinces.

The seminar attended by the vice president for community and environment service Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa; the vice president for education affairs Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli; the General-Secretary Mr Abed Allah Gad and the manager of student housing management Mr Nadia Owaida