The First International Conference “Monuments of Egypt and Arab World”

The Faculty of Arts, Kafrelsheikh University, announces about holding the first international conference “monuments of Egypt and Arab World” in conferences hall in Development and Information Center on 1-3 March 2015 which discuss the ways of highlighting the archaeological and cultural heritage through the study of aspects of civilized, cultural and archaeological future as well as aspects of communication and future visions for archaeological sciences.

This conference is the first of its kind in the field of archaeological heritage at Kafrelsheikh University which crystallizes interaction with many research centers and local, regional and international, universities and civil society organizations to provide theoretical and practical studies for archaeological and cultural heritage as one of bases of cultural dialogue and making interdependence between human and applied sciences as well as it handle with archaeological and cultural heritage of architectural, art, literature, linguistic, religious and intellectual side from the Stone Age until the Islamic Era.

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