The President Opens Training Course to Fight against the Corruption of the Administrative Device

The President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary opens on Wednesday 2/9/2015 training courses organized by administrative corruption committee for 2000 employees divided on 6 regular meetings for the blog of job behavior for employees in administrative device.

The president assures that the aim of this course is to define the concepts and reasons of administrative corruption and its negative effects on the institutions of state and universities and on economy generally as well as put the possible future solutions to address this dangerous phenomenon and carry out comprehensive reforms in state institutions and companies, leading to support the financial position of institutions and companies.

From his part, he stresses that administrative corruption has many forms such as delaying to work, go out during working hours, leading to the suspension of work and the interests of citizens and the large number of trading documents, misuse and spread rumors and not to respond to and the use of computers in the non-business objectives and overspending.

The president seeks to define the trainers about the system of activating strategies of fighting against administrative corruption, the treatment of its causes, roots and the increase of abilities of participants in how to discover the indicators of administrative corruption, the waste of public money and how to communicate to implement the systems of preventive control systems such as working to maximize available possibilities and the exploit every piece of information and using them for the benefit of work as the problem is not problem of resources, but a problem of management and we will seek to convert the university to digital university to reduce the friction from the service provider and the recipient of the service therefore it reduces corruption.