The Honor of the Students of the Faculty of Arts for Documentary about Kafrelsheikh University

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary honors many students of the Faculty of Arts, Media Department, to make a documentary about the university and its faculties for two minutes and half indicating the architectural progress for the faculties and its modern equipment and produce a definition about Kafrelsheikh University as an Egyptian University comparable to European Universities by its huge buildings, labs and advanced equipment. As well, the film also shows the spirit of belonging that the students enjoy and how they impresses by their presence in the campus of Kafrelsheikh University.

As well, the students attributed the reason for choosing this idea to show the achievements of all those who contribute to the establishment of this great edifice led by the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary until it has 15 faculties now.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary expresses his delight of the spirit of belonging enjoyed by the students and the role of this film about the announcement of the university after it exceeded one million viewers

The students are:

1)      Naglaa Galal Ali

2)      Mayada Mahmoud Shehata

3)      Mona Mamdouh Ali el Bitar

4)      Mohamed Reda Shawky

5)      Ahmed Magdy Mustafa

6)      Shady Nabil Amin

7)      Sara Ibrahim Kandil

8)      Amir Mohamed Nasr

9)      Hind Fakih el Rowany