The Dates of Field Visits for University Hospital

Kafrelshiekh University organizes field visits for university hospital over the level of faculties, administrations and affiliated units to know the facilities available to this great edifice and these visits will be held in the following appointments:

1)      Wednesday 5/8/2015: the Faculty of Agriculture at 12 pm

2)      Sunday 9/8/2015: the Faculties of Science and Education at 12 pm

3)      Monday 10/8/2015: the Faculty of Sportive Education at 11 am

4)      Tuesday 11/8/2015: the Faculties of Engineering and Veterinary Medicine at 11am

5)      Wednesday 12/8/2015 the Faculties of Pharmacy, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Dentistry and Medicine at 11 am

6)      Thursday 13/8/2015: university management and development center at 11am

7)      Sunday 16/8/2015: the Faculties of Commerce and Arts at 12 pm

8)      Wednesday 19/8/2015: the Faculties of Fisheries, Computer and Information and Specific Education at 11 am