Unions and Men of Thought and Culture Support University Hospital

On the belief of the role of different professional associations such as association of doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and musicians in university hospital to raise the health and educational level, these associations seek to support university hospital through organizing the events of the first cultural forum for the support of university hospital on Sunday 2/8/2015 in the presence of group of men of thought, culture, media and  a constellation of artists led by Hani Shaker and the actress Nadia Mustafa, some executive leaders, public figures and captain doctors.

This comes within the framework of keenness of university and its leaders to provide the integrated health care on the global level for the sons of province and neighboring provinces through the plug in the health care and provide treatment for a range of endemic diseases in the delta region such as hepatitis and virus c prevalence.


On the other hand, the university participates in raising the economic suffering of the people of the province through providing nearby place and equipped with the highest level of treatment so that the patient does not have to travel and suffer for treatment. The establishment of university hospital depends on innovation and modernization so that the hospital is working soon and thanks to the contribution of everyone and through an elite group of professionals of doctors to conduct giant operations such as organ transplantation and also it includes number of operating rooms by the system of capsules and it is about to equip the internal department with the latest medical and research devices in the world.