Civil Community Participates in University Hospital Support

Kafrelsheikh University Council agrees on Monday 30/3/2015 under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary in the presence of Kafrelsheikh governorate to organize a campaign for university hospital support of staff members, students and employees as well as who are capable of sons of civil community for donation to support buying medical equipment to finish equipping university hospital in preparation for being opened in coming October feasts Insha Allah.

 The council decides to agree the following:

1)      Starting the program of doctorate in Business Administration Department inside for assistant staff in the Faculty of Commerce

2)      Consider activating the role of staff member club to provide multiple community service

3)      Spreading the culture of cleanliness inside faculties through presentation of documentary film about the experience of Japanese school students on television screens inside faculties

4)      Taking all necessary security measures to deal with any riots or violence which threatens the university and follow up of cameras installed inside the campus as well as careful inspection at the gates for pedestrians and cars with devices of detection of explosives.