The Preparation of the First Scientific Forum for University Students

Deans council was held on Monday 9/2/2015 under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary as he assures the completion of correction of exams, announcing the results in faculties and following up study as well as urging deans to provide a vision for every faculty with respect to educational process, students activities in the second term and providing a report about student activities in every faculty about the first term. As well, he emphasizes the follow up of preparing for the first forum of investment, activating the job of monitoring devices for the speed of business performance and deciding on issues immediately as well as implementing all decisions issued on time and overcoming any obstacles for implementation.

The council discusses the ways of stabilizing university in terms of education and security as well as preparing for the first scientific forum for male and female students for research participation in different themes of forum which include innovation, entrepreneurship and researches of engineering, technological sciences, health sciences and basic and natural sciences, agricultural sciences, food, energy, social sciences and humanities, researches of community service and art competitions. Also, the council discusses the importance of intellectual security and the ways of achieving it for awareness and fortification of students against deviant ideas and keeping them as issues of thought cannot be addressed except by thought.