Scholarships for State According to Executive Program between Arab Republic of Egypt and India for the Academic Year 2015/2016

Central missions management announces about opening the door for scholarships from India within executive program between two states for post-graduation for the academic year 2015/2016 as Indian cultural relations council ICCR provides many scholarships

The objective of scholarship: getting Doctorate for 3: 4 consecutive years even get a doctorate.

·         The fields of study:

1)      The field of engineering: (space engineering, engineering and science of computer, Nuclear Engineering, water resources engineering, paper technology, civil and electrical engineering)

2)      The field of science: (mathematics, solid state physics and chemistry of Plastics)

3)      The field of Engineering: (soil, seed technology, agricultural engineering crops and Agricultural expansion)

·         The financial advantages of scholarship:

1)      The scholar will be granted monthly salary 5000 rupees per month

2)      The scholar will be granted sum of 12000 rupees for emergency for doctoral students in humanities, science and technology and 15000 rupees for doctoral students in technology engineering

3)      The scholar will be granted housing allowance including electricity and water  3000 rupees for residents in Angola and Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai and Pune and 2400 rupees for other cities

4)      The applicants who get scholarships will be treated as member of mission on the expense of missions.

·         The terms should be provided in candidates:

1)      The applicant should be Egyptian and no more than 35 years

2)      The period of service should not be less than two years and works as assistant lecturer or assistant researcher in governmental universities or one of research centers

3)      The applicant should be fluent in English spoken and written with certificate stating that (500 international TOEFL) noting that India embassy will do test of English language

·         Required documents:

1)      Application form with explaining the purpose of application (Doctorate)

2)      CV in English and Arabic with statement,  certified study plan in English, nomination letter of sending authority in English as well as detailed abstract  of the history of scientific life and detailed explanation about purpose of this scholarship in Arabic

3)      A list of what has been published for the candidate of researches (if any)

4)      Detailed presentation of scholarship program

5)      TOEFL certificate (500 degrees) or 61 degrees in IBT or 5 degrees in IELTS test

The application is done to India embassy in Cairo directly as soon as possible

The last day for application is on Thursday 15/1/2015.