Introductory Meeting in European Union Program to Support Higher Education

The university management receives the book of the national coordinator of European Union Program about launching European Union for ERASMUS+ Program to be alternative for all programs of higher education such as (TEMPUS) program as the minister of higher education issues a resolution on Wednesday 21/5/2014 about changing the name of office of (TEMPUS) to be ERASMUS+. They has assigned the office for the management of scholarships from European Union to support European Union through ERASMUS+ program, holding conference to define about this program, providing technical support for Egyptian Universities to apply for this program as well as participation in mechanisms in special operations of coordination between the ministry of higher education and European Union with respect to the strategy of higher education and process of Bologna.

 As well, he expresses the preparation of ERASMUS+ Program in cooperation with university and do all activities of program To achieve the maximum benefit from this program from 2014 until 2020 as the first call of higher education development projects funded by European Union of ERASMUS+ Program is launched on sixth October 2014 which aims to establish programs and new degrees at the level of higher education and develop the system of governance inside university through partnerships among Egyptian and European Universities;  the budget of one project has been ranged from 500000 euros to 1000000 euros. The last day for application is on the tenth of February

Otherwise, due to the importance of this topic, it is reviewed on post-graduation studies council No 96 on Sunday 19/10/2014 as the council decides to notify the faculties to provide them with participants and the meeting will be in mid-November 2014 to define activities of program and bene fit from it.