The Tenth Scientific Conference "University Education, Psychological and Social Security"

The events of the tenth scientific conference "University Education, Psychological and Social Security" were held on Tuesday 9/12/2014.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary has asked all attendances to consider this conference an opportunity to evaluate ourselves before others evaluate us and inspire the change from conference title and pay attention to the relation of education with economic security as most distinguishing feature of this era, is turning the economy from an economy based on traditional natural resources, to a knowledge based on economy, and as a result was named this era «knowledge economy». Perhaps, the field of education is one of the most affected areas of knowledge economy era as education with its institutions aim to receive knowledge, analysis and link between it and its different applications.

As well, he Pays attention to the outputs of education and teacher as a fundamental pillar for development and reforming of educational system for his role in forming and shaping the minds of youth. He announces that it is unreasonable that teacher practiced his profession in the same way after two revolutions and educational reform and development should focus on the role of teacher in education within the rapid change in information and communication technology and globalization of human activity as every era has its characteristics.

Hence, the educational systems should reconsider its educational policy to keep up with changes and paying attention for teacher to improve skills of thinking for students and critical thinking instead of conservation and indoctrination as education of thinking is key pillar for education reform as the progress of home depends on the progress of citizen and citizen's progress is not determined by the extent of what one gain of knowledge, but by his/her continuation in education and his/her ability for thinking to make appropriate thinking to cope with global scientific and economic developments. He asks the attendance that one of the recommendations of conference will be an initiative entitled "The students think... The nation forward".