Press Conference of the Minister of Higher Education

On the sidelines of the minister's visit to Kafrelsheikh University, the minister of higher education Prof Dr el Saied Abed el Khaliq meet with journalists in Development and Information center.

First, he speaks about the role of state in ending university hospital as it is right for people of Kafrelsheikh governorate to have the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital. He has spoken with the Minister of Planning in this regard and adds that we are continuing to support from all resources to complete the equipment of university hospital.

For the inadequacy of student housing to accommodate the student increase in the face of rising rents of Housing units, he mentions that the ministry supports this within the limits of their capabilities asking civil community and businessmen to adopt this project.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary adds that the number of students of student housing in 2011 was 700 students and over 3 years has become 3900 students, so we are currently working on the rehabilitation of old buildings to accommodate this increase as facilities are inadequate to accommodate students from exorbitant housing and transportation is inadequate.

He adds that we hope to maintain the support of governorate to provide lands for expansion for student housing to accommodate this huge and growing number of students every year.

About the return of university security, the minister of higher education assures that in the case of issuing a decree about the return of security men to universities, he will welcome this decree to preserve the security of universities

For the problem of transfer of school theatre from campus, he assures that he discusses this matter with the minister of education to solve this problem as it is not acceptable for the presence of ramshackle theatre in campus of Kafrelsheikh University.

The minister of higher education mentions that the new law of higher education is aware of students, staff members, employees, scientific research and link between university and industry taking into account international and regional relations in globalization in which we live. It is about legal liability of staff members to preserve the dignity of staff members and ensure that staff member is member in the true sense of the terms of commitment and discipline.

Otherwise, he spoke about new law for university hospitals, one of its important items is that university and the Faculty of Medicine follows universities as they are for education, training and scientific research and remedy and operates under the direct supervision of the president who heads hospitals council in the case there are more than one university hospital and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine will be Chairman of the Board.

The new law includes the council of securities to put the public policy, control of hospitals management and supreme council of hospitals under the authority of minister of higher education and representative of universities and relevant ministries.

On the failure of students, he mentions that failure is for only two years and in the third year, the students will be permanently separated from university.