The Minister of Higher Education: Kafrelsheikh University is Scientific Shrine for European Universities

The minister of higher education Prof Dr el Saied Abed el Khaliq, the mayor of Kafrelsheikh Governorate the consultant Mohamed Ezzat and the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary open the building of central auditoriums in campus after finishing all renovations, maintenance and increasing efficiency.

The minister begins his visit with the meeting with the members of university council and surveys university hospital which consist of seven floors with capacity of 400 beds according to international standards to participate in presenting health services in all different specialisms

As well, he has expressed the readiness of the ministries to complete university constructions after lack of financial support to complete its equipment, describing university hospital as it will be kibla for the patients of Kafrelsheikh University and neighboring governorates asking businessmen and charitable organizations to support this medical institution. He surveys construction works of the Faculties (Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Fisheries and the second stage of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)

The minister praises through his visit that the educational and research preparations in Kafrelsheikh University as well as centers of scientific excellence equipped with international characteristics, adding that no community can achieve the goals of comprehensive development and meet the requirements of future except with knowledge, culture and possession of changing technology continuously describing Kafrelsheikh University as scientific shrine for European University and praising the trends of the president by linking the university with industry about establishing factory in every faculty.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary stressed that the university seeks to activate its role through paying attention to the outputs of education and scientific research, and community service to meet the labor market requirements.