No to Violence, no to Terrorism and yes to Building

In continuation to the march "No to Violence, no to Terrorism and yes to Building", the Faculty of Specific Education held a symposium entitled "the development of spirit of national belonging for students" under the authority of the dean Prof Dr el Saied el Nashar and the vice dean for community service and environment development in which Prof Dr Maged el Kemary has discourse and emphasized the importance of national belonging for youth toward their state as there is big problem that Egyptian community faces especially the youth who has mistaken about the meaning of belonging.

Some people has a weakness in belonging, so it is easy to attract them to other directions and this is what is happening now as Egyptian state is targeted from some countries which covet in Egypt and disintegrate the unity of its state

As well, he assures that belonging is not slogans or national songs as every positive deed for family or community or home is considered belonging as it has multiple forms and the basis of renaissance for every community.

He points out that our basic problem is not physical problem nor possibilities as Egypt is one of richest countries in human rights as 30% of Egyptian people is under the age of 18 as we are young country with possibility and natural resources and state which has history as well as we have distinguished geographical location in the middle of the world between Asia, Africa and Europe; all of this makes us coveted for all and in spite of that, we are still outside the system of developed countries due to the weakness of belonging.   

He asks for initiatives towards building until we can have belongings as belonging is not wards but deeds and achievements as the state alone will not be able to do everything, it must be community participation through positive initiative for community citizens

So we have to develop ourselves first, then we can change the current reality as we need revolution in our minds as the application of scientific culture in our community is considered to be belonging.