Major literary competition


This competition is about (classical poetry, vernacular poetry, and theatrical authorship, short story, and article, novel)

The terms:

·         Poetry:

1)      The subject of competition is open and the work should be creative

2)      Poem should be no more than one hundred lines.

3)      The poems should be written recently taking into account being away from religious or political slogans

·         Theatrical Authorship:

1)      Theatrical work should be one chapter, is written recently and creative

2)      Language of theatrical text is in classical or vernacular Arabic

·         Article:

The theme of competition is open no more than two pages and written recently and creative

·         Short story:

1)      Participation with one story no more than five pages taking into account objective construction, integration of events and characters

2)      It should be written recently and creative.


·         Novel:

Participating with one novel, being written recently and creative

To register in this competition, please go to the faculty youth welfare