Students and Education Affairs


Department Vision:

Measuring the extent of transparency and satisfaction of students about admission policies and adapt with mission and strategic goals as well as conversion policies and policies of expatriates.

Department Mission:

Students and education sector aims to graduate distinct doctors through educational program which allows the acquisition of knowledge and clinical skills as well as enhances critical thinking, the ability to solve problems, sustainable learning and the insurance of mechanisms of evaluating students comprehensive, fair and objective as the sector works to ensure that students has experience of fruitful student life that qualifies them to be members able to develop themselves and their society.

Department Objectives:

Education and students' affairs sector is on the preparation of student scientifically, culturally and physically by emphasizing the quality of education to allow students to acquire knowledge, scientific concepts as well as intellectual and practical skills, skills of communication, teamwork, building decency personality as well as the development of dialogue culture, the acceptance of others, the development of innovation for talents and youth welfare for superiors or defaulters as well as for special needs.

As well, portal of the faculty is the window of communication among students and its different departments, so it is pleased to communicate with students, receive your suggestions and provide all special services in education and students' affairs electronically through the definitions of the faculty and its study programs as well as the announcement of study schedules, exams' schedules and exams' results as well as E-coordination for admission in faculties and in student housing, providing all special services in social solidarity, announcement about student activities, health welfare and the discussion of suggestions of regulations and laws for students.

·  Measuring the extent of transparency and satisfaction of students about the policies of admission and adapting with mission and strategic goals as well as policies of transport and policies of expatriates.

·    Supervision on the means of student support and determining the characteristics and needs of students through:  

1)      Plan of students' support and academic guidance

2)      Procedures of financial support and health care

3)      Programs of superior students welfare scientifically and creators

4)      Services of  support of students with special needs and defaulters in their study

5)      Scholarships

6)      Student guide

7)      Follow-up students' activities plan

8)      Creating email and special account number for every student to communicate with the faculty electronically.

·   Abstract about some services from education and students' affairs department:

Creating study plan about academic year and curriculum which they study, study schedules (lectures and scientific sections), exams' schedules (practical and theoretical), providing cards of students, excellence rewards, the procedures of apologizing for exams, performance of military education course, extracting registration certificate, check-up in student hospital, admission for student housing, procedures of transport from and to the faculty, fulfilling all models and forms of participation in all activities and services from the faculty or university.