Student Housing

Student Housing

Student housing is one of important university facilities which holds the provision of distinguished service supported for the finest male and female students in all faculties divided into:

·         First: student housing (males):

It consists of two residential units with a total capacity of 792 students

·         Second: student housing (females):

It consists of four residential units with a total capacity of 2200 students

·         Third: restaurant:

It consists of three floors:

1)  Ground floor (kitchen for cooking and food processing)


2) The first floor (restaurant with a capacity of 350 male students)


3) Second floor (restaurant with a capacity of 350 female students)


·         Student housing has many features represented in the following:

1) Distinguished location among university faculties at the entrance of Kafrelsheikh governorate on the main road Kafrelsheikh, Tanta

2) Surrounded by high walls separating between them and external influences to provide safety

3) Equipped with internal concrete roads linking between its residential units and various facilities at the highest level.

4)  Provided with ambulance for service of its students throughout the night in case of any emergency circumstance.

5)   Equipped with Night lighting network representing civilized interface at the entrance of governorate as well as with electricity generating units in case of any sudden power failure.

6) It has mosques to serve students especially on Fridays when the finest men lead them in prayers.

7)   Equipped with water coolers in sufficient numbers and water heaters.

8)  Equipped with internal sale outlet which provides the needs of students and all personal needs.

9) Surrounded by green spaces, ( natural outlet)  from all sides by large spaces

10)  Provided with telephone lines, a line for every building either card or currency to facilitate for students to communicate with their families at any time.