1.  Training and qualifying professional cadres in the fields of oral and dental health care, as well as providing them with the knowledge, science and skills necessary to provide basic health care in the field of oral and dental health for all different segments of society. The most important of these skills are:

·   The ability to communicate effectively with patients and their families, and strive to develop clear and accurate patient care methods.

·   Maintaining the highest levels of safety and infection control.

·   The ability to diagnose and treat diseases of the mouth and teeth.

·   Lifelong learning and continuous striving to keep pace with modern methods and advanced technology in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

·   The ability to pursue more postgraduate studies and research in various fields of dentistry and direct them to serve the community and improve the general health of its members.

·   Realizing the requirements of the labor market and striving to achieve them at the highest levels.

2. Applying values, traditions and ethics in the practice of dentistry, taking into account the national goals and aspirations.

3.      Maintaining high performance levels in dental education through continuous development and updating of dental education curricula.

4. Providing the appropriate environment for scientific research in the field of oral and dental medicine, as well as providing special programs for postgraduate studies in order to obtain highly qualified cadres from

Specialists and university professors in various branches of oral and dental medicine.

5. Encouraging students to participate in all aspects of educational, academic and social life in the college.

6.  Encouraging scientific departments to submit academic degrees.

7. Developing the skills of faculty members, the supporting staff, and researchers in the college.

8. Encouraging integration between all academic departments within the college to conduct a joint process that benefits the community.

9. Encouraging research cooperation with various scientific research centers.

10. Providing a distinctive, available and appropriate treatment service that is appropriate to the needs of the community.



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