The Prime Minister's Decree No. 502 of 2014 was issued by the College of Dentistry Within the colleges of KafrelSheikh University, the study began in 2014/2015.

Its establishment and establishment was supervised by Prof. Dr. Majed Abdel-Tawab Al-Qamari, President of the University and undertook the economic and social feasibility study.

The college consists of five floors, including the following:

§  Three terraces and three halls

§  Seminar hall

§  Four simulation labs for the process segment

§   (20) Prosthodontic laboratories

§  Nine clinics in the faculty, with a total of (152) dental chairs

§  One panorama unit (x-ray)

Prof. Dr. Majid Abdel Tawab Al Qamar (President of the University) was the supervisor of the College of Dentistry.

Prof. Muhammad Muhammad Husayn was assigned as Dean of the College from 4/17/2016 AD to 5/10/2020 AD

Prof. Dr. Enas Ahmed El-Gendy has been assigned as Acting Dean of the College of Dentistry from the date of October 5, 2020 until now