·        Work methodology to achieve the above objectives:

(1) The establishment of committees and working groups responsible for reviewing the description of courses and programs and a proposal developed to achieve the vision and mission of the college and objectives, and review of study plans.

(2) Business and annual periodic reports to monitor the reality of the educational process and research and monitoring shortcomings to facilitate overcome.

(3) The use of questionnaires, models, data collection and statistical analysis to identify the views of those in charge of the educational process and beneficiaries.

(4) The organization of periodic training by the quality assurance and accreditation center for the university team unity and members of the faculty and staff college with a view to preparing trainers qualified to ensure the continuity of training for those in charge of the academic and administrative work and then the success of the program quality. Training aims to learn about the concept of quality assurance and objectives, quality standards, and how to deal with the aspects of quality and standards, the role of each component of the overall elements of different tasks and roles in the quality of the place to which they belong to him to get him to the desired accreditation.

(5) The establishment of workshops, seminars and conferences, seminars and workshops in order to increase awareness of the educational and academic quality.

(6) Web-site of the unit or a link to a separate page within the reach of its e-College in design, so that it contains all the unit and its business models and activities and achievements first hand.

(7) Prepare periodic awareness of the concept of quality and communication with other units and centers within and outside the university bulletins.

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