·       Objectives:

The objectives of the establishment of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Computing and Information is to ensure the following:

1-   Create a good internal quality assurance system in college to activate the vision, mission and goals of the college declared at the college, university and described on the website of the College.

2-   Deploy and develop awareness among the academic and administrative circles (faculty and staff members) to the concept of quality needed to get the desired quality in all circles and college needs.

3-   Academic standards for undergraduate programs mode according to the standards of domestic and international quality assurance.

4-   Develop academic standards for graduate programs, according to local and international standards of quality assurance.

5-   Develop academic programs and courses descriptions commensurate with quality assurance standards.

6-   Required for the activation and development of scientific research and international publication and in accordance with international standards to ensure quality standards.

7-   Achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in academic programs and scientific research.

8-   Action annual and periodic reports for quality assurance and accreditation.

9-   Determine the programs and courses in line with the specifications of the permanent developments in the field of computers and information.

10-               Continuous assessment of the educational process through self-evaluation.

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