A conference for “Kafrelsheikh Nursing” on the mechanisms of coping with climate changes and “innovative strategies in internal surgical nursing


 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Hassan Younis, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Reda Saleh, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Prof. Maha Abu Jazia, Dean of the College of Nursing and President of the Conference.

The Department of Internal and Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Kafrelsheikh University, held the first scientific conference entitled “The Impact of Climate Changes on Health and Disease” “Innovative Strategies in Internal Surgical Nursing”.
Prof. Dr. Abdel Razek El-Desouky, President of Kafrelsheikh University, stressed that researchers are being prepared capable of producing internationally competitive scientific research to develop the profession through advanced educational programs that support mechanisms of scientific research, self-learning skills and community service.
The President of the University added that the nursing profession is one of the professions of great importance in the world, explaining that the College of Nursing is committed to preparing qualified professionals to provide nursing care that meets the needs of all levels of local and regional health institutions with distinguished competitive efficiency in keeping with global developments.
Prof. Maha Abu Jazia, Dean of the College of Nursing, said that the conference discussed the general and specific objectives of spreading awareness of climate changes, and addressed the definition of climate change and its natural and human causes and its impact on Egypt and human public health, and health education for all segments of society about excellence in safe nursing practices.
Abu Jazia explained that one of the most important themes of the conference is to identify all that is new in educational and health practices, to learn about the aspects of digital transformation in education and health practices, and to clarify the role of education and health institutions in facing climate and biological changes on the achievements of individuals, in addition to shedding light on the new in the methodology Research and scientific publication, and clarify comprehensive health care according to the latest scientific research.
Dr. Fatima Abul-Ela, the conference's rapporteur, confirmed that one of the conference's objectives is to improve health care services for all individuals and maintain outstanding quality in education, research and practices.
The conference resulted in many recommendations, the most important of which is the creation of research papers to confront climate changes and reduce their impact on human health.
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