vision and Mission

Faculty Vision

Faculty of Computers and Information at Kafrelsheikh University seeks to raise the level of education and scientific research in computers and information technology to achieve excellence and innovation in scientific research and community service at the local and regional levels.

Faculty Mission

• The mission of the faculty of Computers and Information includes:

• Building an advanced educational system that is compatible with the rapid growth in the fields of computers and information .

 • Supply the student with assets of knowledge and scientific research in the areas of computer science, information technology and the development of the student's personality to make him willing to innovation and a lover of teamwork and able to compete locally, regionally and globally.

 • Developing and updating curricula continuously in line with scientific progress and requirements of the age and needs of the labor market.

 • Raise awareness about the value of continuing education, the inevitability of self-learning and the importance of using modern methods in this field.

 • Use scientific research as a means to achieve innovation in the fields of college by studying the economic, commercial and social importance of the results of scientific research.

 • Providing outstanding community service in the areas of information technology.

 • Promote the principles of credibility and ethics.


Faculty Objectives

Objectives of the College

The faculty aims to achieve the following objectives:

 1. Conduct scientific and applied studies and researches in the field of computers and information, primarily those that have a direct impact on the integrated development in the community and the establishment of specialized research units in different branches of computers and information .

2. Providing scientific and technical consultations and assistance to the bodies and entities that use computer and information technology and are interested in manufacturing, decision-making and support .

 3. Training technical cadres in various sectors of the state on computer and information technology .

4. Raise and deepen awareness in the community in order to use computers and information technology in different sectors and institutions of the state, and raise the efficiency of their use.

5. Conferences organization and scientific meetings held with the aim of improving the educational level and deepen the scientific concept among the specialized cadres.

6. Ability to use skills, technologies and modern information technology necessary to design and build software.

 7. Held scientific agreements with the corresponding bodies and institutions at the local, regional and global level, with the aim of exchanging views and conducting researches related to computer and information specialties.

 8. Providing and strengthening the means of publishing and scientific research in all fields of specialization.

9. Establishing advanced specialized units in different branches of computer and information sciences.


10. Participating with the specialized agencies to develop and localize the various systems and applications.