1-Ground floor:

Lecture hall 1

Faculty affairs

post graduate



youth care

personnel affairs

Students affairs

nursing room

college secretary’s office

college assistant

hall number 1

hall number 2

hall number 3


2- first floor:

prof.Dr\dean of the faculty office

secretary of prof.Dr\dean of the faculty

Dr\ Ahmed El-ashry office


Quality and Accreditation office

Filming room

Projects room

Electronic correction room

College Library

Live broadcast room

laboratory 1

laboratory 2

Seminar hall

hall 4

Prof.Dr\Osama Abu Seida office


3- second floor:

lecture hall 2

The check room

meeting room

laboratory B

Dr\Hytham El wahsh office

Dr\Alaa El-lkanny office

Dr\Amna Ramdan office

laboratory 3

Microprocessors laboratory


4- third floor:

laboratory 2

Dr\Mai Ramadan office

Dr\Ahmed Samir office

laboratory 5

laboratory 6

multimedia laboratory

lecture hall 3

hall 5

Control of first level

Control of  second level

Control of third level

Control of fourth level


4- fourth floor:

Dr\Reda Mabrouk office

Dr\Amr AboHany

laboratory D

laboratory 7

laboratory 8