Military Education


according to the Approval  of the parliament ,the president of the republic presidential decree issued law no (46) for the year 1973  for teaching the military education in university education(bachelor 's degree) for the objective of developing the military awareness for the students and upbringing generations of youth fit for performing military services and national tasks as the ministry of defense determined in coordination with Egyptian universities through establishing the administration of military education in each university

the university council approved on 3/7/1995 on starting the teach of military education for male students who have the Egyptian nationality and who are enrolled in the first and preparatory year in the colleges that do not have the preparatory year and this from the year 1995/1996 through preparation of training and teaching courses .the student should not be granted the bachelor's degree unless exceeding the course successfully

it is necessary for the students to attend the military education course on the dates set by the college for the students.

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